About Us

Medeco specializes in marketing and locating quality new, used and refurbished medical, surgical and respiratory equipment. We ship equipment international, national and local. We have a large inventory and locate equipment through established relationships with many other sources. Our biomedical service department refurbishes any used equipment, allowing us to ship all products “patient-ready”.

Company History

Medeco was founded in 1995 by individuals with over 25 years of hospital materials management experience. Over the past 20 years, the business has grown in scope and size with a full time biomedical service department, on-line parts sales and a large warehouse housing quality refurbished medical equipment. Medeco has established a reputation for providing exceptional customer service and for marketing quality used and new medical equipment. We have established relationships with other medical equipment dealers and with equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

What We Do

Medeco was founded on the principle of service and repair. With the success of customer service, our relationships grew into a large equipment refurbishing company. Over the past 20 years we have grown into a recognized refurbisher of medical equipment. We have a store on Dotmed, and are in the top tier Dotmed 100 group. Medeco has been rated as a top medical equipment supplier for over 10 years. We are about a quality, reliable, full service relationship. But, first and foremost, Medeco is a certified technical repair and service organization.

For our Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Nevada customers

Our local outside sales force provides on-site sales and service support for all of the products we sell. They also coordinate certification of electrical equipment and repairs done by our biomedical service department. Thank you for doing business with Medeco!


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Christopher Lee, President